Chat Chat Chat!

Wednesday today at Shine was full of chatter in the waiting room. So much so that it distracted me away from my work a lot….hahaha…

Anwen’s mum bought a new camera and was trying to read the manual and figure out how to work in the new world of photography. But she got distracted from that also as we chatted about young children taking music lessons and the advantages of music schools over private music teachers. Anwen’s mum stating that the golden advantage of sending her kids to music school was ‘you have one in the other room, the other in another and then peace and quiet!’

Our older violin student Helen was talking about back in the day when there were no credit cards and how different life used to be. Hire-purchase options and buying things on layby all seem to have disintegrated quite a bit due to being able to buy things on credit. Imagine what buying things will look like 10 years down the track! Maybe we’ll have those barcodes embedded within our arms or something… :S Scary stuff.

Our teachers have the added stress of writing up reports for this term. I watched two of them side-by-side today proof-read, re-read and try to make their reports wonderful. Then they wondered if the students even read them and got a little discouraged. But you all do… RIGHT???



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