Success in the music industry = good looks?

My mum is an avid watcher of X-Factor Australia which is why I have also ended up following it.

One new thing they seemed to have introduced this year were ‘boy bands’, trying to make Australia’s own One Direction. However, in the process of doing so it seems that LOOKS play a big part for choosing and eliminating contestants. Sure there are some pretty amazing singers but some people I feel only progressed on the show thanks to their physical self; the ‘star package’ as they would say.


Strangely enough it seems that talent or passion alone is not enough to make it in the music industry – you need to be a ‘sellable’ product. Looks, charm, anything that will get screaming young girls to buy things with the singer’s faces printed on it. I’m not trying to bash on certain artists, but more of a sad reflection that music alone is not enough in the music industry.

Nevertheless, luckily the good talent always does seep in! 🙂

What are your thoughts on success in the industry?

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