Mistakes to avoid when learning music!

A guide for parents to produce great music results

Music is lots of fun to pursue but the most important formula to good improvement and excellent results is lots of practice.  Here’s how to maximise the practice time from your child.

  1. Do pick a time of the day after school that is practice time so that they develop a good routine just like brushing their team. Eg.5:30pm every day is practice time.
  2. Do not allow your child to ‘choose’ when to practice or practice after they play ipad.
  3. Do aim for at least 10 minutes of focused practice a day.
  4. Do not allow your child any day’s off practicing! Not even one! If they are sick they can make up for it.  That goes for school holidays as well!
  5. Do refer to the teacher’s notes on what to practice, do all the homework, both new pieces and old pieces.
  6. Do not have any distractions like TV, ipad, iphone, computer, toys, other children nearby.
  7. Do go to the toilet, have a small snack and a glass of water before practicing, not between practicing.
  8. Do not be a ‘nice’ parent.  Be a good parent!
  9. Do call 96879978 or email practice@shinemusic.com.au for help.
  10. Do not ever give up, just keep at it and improvement will come!

Good practice is the key to musical success!  Have fun!

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