Shine Charity Concert 2012

Every December marks the special occasion of our annual Shine Charity Concert in which all students and teachers have prepared for months. This year, a bit of a change occurred and our Concert was held in November instead. This meant out went the hot, sticky weather and in came the cool Spring breeze. Apart from the wonderful weather that was on our side, the day went very smoothly as well. All students performed outstanding pieces, many their first-time experiences. And most importantly our raffle tickets sold well many thanks to our generous parents, teachers, staff and of course students. A very memorable moment would be when a young student came up to me (I was in charge of raffle tickets on the day) and asked to purchase a raffle. After enquiring for the cost, he handed a zip-lock bag with a lot of spare change in it to me. I assumed this was his pocket-money that he saved up to generously donate for such a good cause. The raffle prizes were superb consisting of Cronulla Sharks backpacks (I won one of those too!), signed football posters, art and craft kits and several gift and dinner vouchers. All in all, it was fantastic day enjoyed by families, friends, students and staff. 

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