Returning to Shine

Before  I started to type out today’s post, I thought it would be nice to check out some of the latest entries to get some “inspiration” on what to write about. To my surprise this blog hasn’t been updated since last December! For those that I have had to the pleasure to meet last year, you may still remember me as the girl at the front desk on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, or “the girl who is replacing Jane while she enjoys her amazing European holiday”!. I haven’t actually been back this year, so stepping foot into Shine this afternoon, brought back so many lovely memories. I’m not sure how many of you I’ve told, but apart from working at Shine, I also split my time studying at uni and working at my ‘other’ retail job (some of you may have spotted me there whilst on your shopping spree’s!). Yes, it may be simple to bring out shoes for customers to try on, ask them what size jumper they’re looking for, what colour bag their daughter likes, or is it their ‘cheque, savings or credit’ account that they would like to use to put their payment through, but the warmth and enthusiasm shared by the people at Shine is incomparable to that at any of my retail shifts. So despite the longer hours I spend here, time seems to literally fly when you’re engaged in processing information and details on the computer, making phone calls and most importantly, having conversations with students to see how they’re going at school, what year they’re in now and what they have planned for the weekend; parents to see how work and life are treating them; and even the teachers/staff to see which students are improving impressively and how life outside of Shine is. So hopefully the chance to meet all of you lies in the near future!


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