Playing in time

As much as the advice I’ve given has helped me personally, I was still correct in my prediction that there would be things Dan could see that needed working on. Thankfully, they were only minor tweaks concerned with my timing.

I’ve never liked the idea of playing with a metronome. I always felt they were too imposing and not “natural”. I enjoy the spontaneity of going with the flow. As a result, I rarely, if ever, play with a metronome.

However, based on advice I was given this week, I have been giving it a try with pleasant results. I’m finding you can still have a natural flowing rhythm while playing precisely in time. The biggest advantage in playing with a metronome I’ve found is it teaches you that holding a note or releasing it just a fraction of a second either way can add a very dramatic difference to your sound.

Give it a try and get clicking.


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