Freddo the frog! yum yum yum!

Look Look at what AJ and Daena brought to Shine today!

AJ’s raising money so her school can go to music camp!! yay!! how exciting!

I remember the good ol’ days back in highschool..and I used to go on band/orchestra camp!…..sigh* we used to “practise” for 2 hours and spend the rest of the day at the beach! 😛

It’s been a while since I’ve worked on a Wednesday, and I’ve been catching up with a few of the parents! it’s always so nice how they remember me, even though i’ve only seen them maybe 5 or 6 times! and I’m not used to the sound of Cello playing behind me. On the days I work, I normally hear drums banging, or guitars strumming…and violins..umm squeaking? but I must say, Cellos make the most beautiful sound! It’s this deep, sort of dark rumble…LOVE IT!!…I’d love to play the Cello..I mean skips through all the beginner stuff and jump straight into the expert playing stage! wouldn’t it be lovely??? 🙂 I’m listening to one of our beginning adult students right now, and even though they’re playing the same note, it sounds like a dark storm is approaching…like something bad is approaching…:P I should give it a go huh? yep yep sooon!


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