Cindy’s review: Buddha Boy

Grab a quick lunch before you shop around in Westfield? Starving after that shopping spree and need a re-boost of energy? Buddha Boy is quite a good choice! For hot summer days like these, even shopping under air con doesn’t help much. Buddha boy is a neat and tidy cafe-like Thai restaurant situated near the Station in Westfield – so that you can drop by going to and from Westfield!

Why is good for hot summer days? Aside from the hot rice dishes or noodle soups – Buddha boy offers some pretty good salads. These are Thai salads tossed with mint, shallots, spanish onion, cucumber, tomato, lemon juice and mild chilli – with of course your choice of either beef, prawn, calamari or seafood. Personally I’m not a big fan of seafood so I reckon the beef salad is the best there. The hint of mint and mild lemmon is really refreshing, along with the mild chilli, which is literally “mild”! 🙂

Whenever you don’t fancy anything on the menu as a main (not that I wasn’t enticed by the look and smell of the green curry rice and pad see ew that the table next to mine had ordered) but I was just didn’t feel like eating something hot. So I had a “toong tong” which is Thai for “money bag” because it sounded very promising – and surely it was! If you’re a fan of spices, I’d recommend his “money bag” to you as it’s filled with chicken and Thai spices. If you’re still not full by the time you’ve had a salad and a “toong tong”, fish cakes will definitely finish you off!

However the place is very small in size with few seatings – there is one long table with many seats which basically means all customers are on the table. If you want a private conversation then maybe its not the place to have your dinner. But if you don’t mind, then all it seems like is just a big gathering, but separated into different groups!

So next time you need a cooling and refreshing meal to prepare for your shopping battle or re boost your spirits after that shopping spree, consider Buddha Boy!


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